Biomaterials in Arthroplasty

Biomaterials are one of the growing developmental technology in last 50 years which has a major role in the medical implants. These biomaterials are engineered artificial substances those gets interacted with the biological system to regain or replace the bodily function. The various applications of biomaterials in Orthopedics are joint replacementsbone platesbone cement, artificial ligaments and tendons. The most important aspect of the biomaterials in the living system is its Biocompatability of the material in either inducing or rejecting the Immune response. Other than compatibility, the natures of material like bioactive response, biodegradable and bioinert also has an significant role in material selection. 

  • Track 1-1 First Generation Materials
  • Track 2-2 Second Generation Materials
  • Track 3-3 Third Generation Materials
  • Track 4-4 Interaction with Biological Components

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