Speaker Biography

Guglielmo Macali

Orthopedic surgeon, Icot Latina, Italy

Title: Hip Replacement Differences Between Three Main Access Surgery Way Functional Study

Guglielmo Macali

Guglielmo Macali is an Orthopedic surgeon with more interest on research works in filed of Orthopedics currently working in Icot Latina at Italy.



The aim of this study is analysing clinical and functional preliminary results of patients underwent total hip replacement through thee different access way. The innovation of this study is to show the difference in the functional recovery between three main access surgery way. A cohort of 75 patients (36 woman and 39 man) was analysed. The Patients, after surgery replacement of hip were analysed through biomechanics and electromyographic study. Clinical results showed that Hueter (anterior access) offers a kinematic activity in the post-operative recovery, in the short and average term (6 weeks-2 years) overall slightly higher than the lateral postero and definitely superior to the direct lateral approach.