Speaker Biography

Luca Lucente

My name is Luca Lucente and I am an Italian 56 year old orthopedic surgeon. I am an expert in prosthetic surgery, especially of the hip, and I have devised a new surgical approach to implant the hip prosthesis: it is the inguino-medial approach. I participate constantly in national and international conferences and I have published scientific papers in national and international journals. He is currently a Medical Director at the Orthopedic Department of the Nuova Itor Nursing Home and he is a freelancer at the Quisisana Nursing Home and the Villa Salaria Nursing Home in Rome. Author and / or co-author of national and international scientific publications and member of numerous scientific societies, he participates constantly in scientific congresses and courses of superspecialization in Italy and abroad and has collaborated with the Verduci Publishing House as a translator of scientific texts International.



Introduction: True to the concept of Tissue Sparing Surgery, we invented this new surgical technique to reach the coxo-femoral joint by starting at the inguinal-medial region.

Methods: We performed total hip arthroplasty on 100 patients suffering from hip arthritis.

Results: In our case study, operation time and blood loss were lower, there were no complications, and recovery time was incredibly fast.

Discussion: We have invented a surgical process that allows for a safe, easy and fast replacement of the hip, and that spares the hip stabilizer muscles completely. Throughout the operation, the surgeon can view the acetabulum from the front, a view that is preferable to the one available with known techniques. There is no need for special equipment or special operating tables, and surgeons don’t face a steep learning curve when first introduced to the procedure. Since risks of dislocation are non-existent, the patient is allowed to lie in bed in any position. The procedure is preferable aesthetically, since any scarring is hidden from view in the inguinal folds of skin. Patients can resume walking immediately, using 2 Canadian crutches only for a few days.

Conclusion: The authors think that, thanks to its low costs and ease of performance and replication, this technique offers nothing but advantages for the patient. Easier rehabilitation is another positive aspect. The procedure can be considered a valid alternative to other common surgical approaches.